Glitter Affirmation Positive Quote Stickers

  • $4.00

Affirmation Stickers / Positive Stickers to remind yourself of your daily positive affirmations, self motivation, and overall good vibes!

Cute, aesthetic stickers are holographic glitter vinyl & full of fun details like daisies, smiley faces, and bubble letters! Stick this on just about anything you want to make your own - your laptop, water bottle, phone case, or fave book !


♥ Do What Makes You Happy: 3.5” wide x just shy 2”

♥ Trying My Best: just shy 3.5” wide x just shy 1.5” h

♥ Be Kind to Yourself: 3 1/4” wide x just shy 2” high ♥ Have a Nice Day: 2 3/4” wide x 2 1/4” h

♥ You Are Enough: 3” wide x 2” high

♥ Materials: holographic glitter vinyl

♥ Packaging: unpackaged

♥ Listing is for one sticker (unless you purchase the bundle)

♥ Designed by & exclusive to Wildflower + Co. Make it your own!
Made in China

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