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Vday Preview II

2017 baseball caps cards hearts patches pins valentines day

Our accessories will do the talking for you this Valentine’s Day-
Sometimes all you need is bold statement to get your point across, and our new baseball caps do the trick.

We have cards for all types, the smitten or scorned </3

We can’t help but smile at patches & pins by Chris Uphues. Handmade & high-quality, these accessories are one-of-a-kind.
This heart-shaped necklace is made out of sterling silver & says it all <3
Stop in the shop to stock up on v-day gifts and accessories today!
White Rabbit 

Featured products: “GRL PWR” + “Dance with No Romance” baseball caps by Sex + Ice Cream, “Not Your Babe” + dachshund baseball caps by Vanilla Monkey, Lady Jamz Valentine’s Day cards, “happy heart” card in blue + “rainbow heart” card + “little ghost” iron-on heart patches + “beautiful days” & pastel pink heart pins + “lil Jackson” stick-on patch by Chris Uphues, “Ew” + “Bae” + “Be Mine” + “Red Lip” earrings by Obsessories L.A., “just a little love” necklace by Crave

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