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V-day Preview

Whether you’re treating yourself this Valentine’s Day, or celebrating with lovers & friends, we have you covered from gifting to getting ready. 

New knits from Sex + Ice Cream are custom made flaunting our favorite fruity patches. These fluffy pieces are cozy enough for a night in, and cute enough for date night.
Ebb & Flow apothecary makes the perfect gift for the beauty lover in your life. “The Keeper” roll-on perfume is a dreamy & introspective blend of essential oils, formulated to enhance your inner instinct & awareness. Infused with quartz crystal, this fragrance will let your boo know that they are “the keeper” in your life.
For the not-so-romantic, we have an array of satirical jewelry, hats, and other accessories. Some of our favorites are Neon Magic’s hand-stamped heart necklaces, complete with cheeky phrases like “Over it,” “Pffft,” and “Endless Bummer.”
White Rabbit
Featured products: Sex + Ice Cream “Fluff Collection” by Nicole Leth ft. shift dress & crop top, Little Pancakes “little heart” studs, Ebb & Flow “The Keeper” roll-on essential oils, Ebb & Flow “Fire on the Mountain” herbal detox clay mask, “Honey, It’s You” scrub, “Face Nectar” toner, “Bright Eyed” facial elixir, “Afterglow” cleansing oil & makeup remover, and grapefruit geranium lip balm, Neon Magic hand-stamped heart necklaces. 

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