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Last Minute Vday Gifts

Valentine's Day is tomorrow (say what?!), and we've got everything you need to help make the day magical. 
We're stocked with all of the best patches & pins for accessorizing your favorite denim. With new designs from Moon Goddess Market and A Shop of Things, you're sure to find the patch of your dreams. 
One-of-a-kind pieces from Drainbowland are otherworldly, perfect for the space babe in your life. 
Each drop necklace shimmers with its own unique blend of colors made using mica & resin.
Cards by Clap Clap are handmade from 100% acid-free recycled paper. Botanical designs with a blank inside for personalizing. 

Risographic prints and sticker packs by Josh Freydkis will speak to your wild side with an array of funky designs & fun colors. 

Light up the night with our neon cactus lamps & mini cinema light boxes. Each light box comes with customizable letters, numbers, and symbols so you can let your lover know exactly how you feel about them.



White Rabbit

Featured products: antique rose + booty worship enamel pins by Pretty Bad Co., “Desert Child” iron-on patch + “Mystical as Fuck” pin by Moon Goddess Market, rainbow smiley iron-on patch by A Shop of Things, drop necklaces + globe ring + smiley/frowny neckaces by Drainbowland, “Apple of My Eye” + ”Be My Valentine” + “Happy Valentine’s Day” cards by Clap Clap, “Snoopy” + “Sayonara” + “Sgt. Bricks” + “FTW” risograph prints and sticker pack by Josh Freydkis, neon cactus lamp + mini cinema lightbox by My Cinema Lightbox


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